Van der Rest Sail Charter is a small and powerful family business with its own fleet. Van der Rest Sail Charter own two ships, a third one is being planned.

Jaap van der Rest is married to Anna. Anna looks after your booking and she is always available for you as a contact person. She knows about every detail because van der Rest Sail Charter bring you on board their own sailing ships. Jaap and Anna know what they promise: for they both know their ships.

Jaap is in business as a ship owner and captain since 1986 and he knows what’s what. Jaap leads the life of a sailor. He started on the waves … as s surfer. And a successful one at that. Three times he set a speed world record. Not only does he know a lot about the elements wind and water but also about his material – a fact proven by his career at Ten Cate Sports, then the most important design business for surfboards.

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