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J.R. Tolkien: Es erwartet Sie ein luxuriöser Gaffeltop-Segelschoner von 42 Metern Länge.

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In den letzten Jahren durften wir mit unseren Kitegruppen

viel Erfahrung auf der Suche nach den schönsten Spots

in Ost- und Nordsee sammeln

Pflege das Kind in Dir...

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Hamburg Cruise Days: „Parade der Kreuzfahrtschiffe mit Feuerwerk“

Erleben Sie an Bord des luxuriösen Gaffeltop-Segelschoners „J.R.Tolkien“ das Lichtkunst-Projekt „Blue Port“ für den Hamburger Hafen.

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Safety at sea is a matter of course with Van der Rest Sail Charter. An international safety certificate is awarded for that.

Since 1998 a certificate of the International Safety Management (ISM) is awarded to all ships carrying passengers – and our yachts are one of them. No ship is allowed to leave the harbour without this certificate.

The flag state supervises the keeping of the standards. Our yachts are registered in the Dutch register of shipping: thus guarantying a permanently high safety standard. Every year anew, Lloyd’s Register Holland carries out this check – the MOT for ships as it were.

The norms relate of course to the safety and reliability of the ship, and of all systems, devices and instruments on board – and in particular to the rescue and emergency equipment.

The crew and the ship owner, too, are included in this safety concept: their level of training has to enable the team to let accidents not happen at all in the first place.

Appropriate precautions for acute illnesses must be taken as well. In an emergency, they have to really master the measures determined by the safety management. Regular exercises and trainings ensure this.

So, the ship, her crew and the owner or the shipping company are certified.

You are in good hands with Van der Rest Sail Charter. We do all that is humanly possible for your safety. And of course there is a surplus of life rafts and life jackets on board.

Zertifikat:Nach Richtlinie von:Abgegeben von:
Certificate of SeaworthinessShipping ActNederlandse Shipping Inspection/ De
Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport (ILT)
Passenger Ship SafetyEuropäische Union Directive 2009/45/ECNederlandse Shipping Inspection/ De
Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport (ILT)
ISMISM cood /written bij the IMOBureau Veritas
Passenger InsurencePost&Co (P&I)

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